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Are you an individual that has experienced Church Hurt? Are you struggling to get up and get out or Face the Day, but have goals and dreams you desire to reach? 

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Cross'd OUT is a FAITHcast seeking to encourage listeners to own their faith.

 Faith and justice advocate and leader of Unconventional Faith Community, Camryn Crump and special guests share their own experiences and relationship with Faith. Navigating daily life, passions, trials, triumphant wins and strategies to keep going everyday. Every episode, Camryn revives and revisits timeless songs related to the shared experiences on every episode. 

"Camryn is such a breath of fresh air and pure light. His presence and energy fills any space he walks into. His passion for people, community and connection runs deep and is aligned with everything he puts his hands on. HIs ability to create spaces for people to feel comfortable and vulnerable to speak freely about faith, social justice and important issues is a gift that he continues to share with the world."

- Melanie, Realtor Extraordinaire


Camryn Crump


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