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Don't make this big mistake when starting a podcast

So you want to start a podcast!? Awesome!

Let's assume you've got your gear ready to go, you've chosen your format, you've even lined up a few big guests or stories to attract some buzz right out of the gate.

But, don't make this big mistake when starting a podcast.

It's exciting to start a podcast, and with all that enthusiasm comes the rush to want to get it out there so all the world can start listening - or at least our friends and family.

But, trust me on this, don't launch until you've got the first season done.

Not, all the guests lined up or episodes planned out. No, don't publish your podcast until you've got all the episodes for the first season done and in the bag, ready to go.

There are two primary reasons for doing this.

First, this early in the game, you're likely still working out the kinks of planning, recording, and scheduling. And, all of this takes time. There's nothing worse for your podcast then starting out with a few episodes, then having a huge gap. Consistency is the key. You want to produce regular, consistent content your follower and listeners can depend on.

Second, depending of course on your format, if you're interviewing guests for your show, part of your draw or appeal to potential guests can be by highlighting the guests you've already had on.

Consider this. When launching the Future Christian Podcast, we had 10 episodes "in the bag," so to speak. But even before that, we had 3 "preview" episodes finished and uploaded (though unpublished to the different podcast platforms) so that new guests could get a feel for the show before coming on.

Even if you're doing a monologue show, launching with a few episodes available will give listeners plenty to dive into when checking out your show.

There's no rule that a season has to be 10 episodes or how far into the future you need to be working, but more margin is better than rushing to cram in episodes at the last minute or missing a week because you couldn't finish up the editing.

Just wait, it will be okay. Don't make the big mistake of launching until you've got the first season done.

Not sure how to do it all? – Resonate Media is here to help!

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