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Episode 30: Mark Feldmeir

In our current culture of conflict, we need a better way of relating to each other and responding to today's controversial issues--a way that transcends political partisanship and emphasizes universal care, mutual concern, and the flourishing of the common good. Rev. Mark Feldmeir talks about his book A House Divided and shares how the politics of compassion can help us find shared values on today's most divisive issues and inspire us to find practical solutions and heal our divisions.

Rev. Mark Feldmeir has served as Senior Pastor at Saint Andrew United Methodist Church in Highlands Ranch, CO since 2014. He previously led United Methodist congregations in San Diego and Orange County, CA. Mark has served on the Adjunct Faculty at Claremont School of Theology, lectured at various conferences throughout the country on topics ranging from preaching, leadership, and pop culture, and is the author of three previous books. To buy the book:

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