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Are you a pastor or church leader stuck, out of ideas, or struggling with what to do next?


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Welcome to the Future Christian Podcast, your source for insights and ideas for how to lead your church
in the twenty-first century.
At the Future Christian Podcast, we talk to pastors, authors, and other faith leaders like Brian McLaren, Amy Butler, and Diana Butler Bass for helpful advice and practical wisdom to help you and your community of faith walk boldly into the future.

How Healthy is Your Church?

Assess Your Church Health with This Simple Quiz

Is your church ready to die? Is it in decline? Or, are you more vital than you thought? Sometimes it's unclear, even to a leader in the church.

If you're not able to clearly assess the health of your church, it can be difficult to lead revitalization.This quiz will help you see the overall health of your church as well as how your church exhibits 7 signs of health.

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We recommend having several people from your church complete the same quiz so you can gain greater awareness. Complete the quiz and we'll send you the results.


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What People are Saying

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"A great discussion about how the past shapes the future - especially the impulse toward romantic religion, the reclaiming of Christian practice, and how history is so much messier than we can imagine. "

- Dr. Diana Butler Bass

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