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Episode 47: Daniel Deitrich

Like many Christians in the months leading up to the 2016 election, Daniel Deitrich watched in shock and disbelief as so many self-professing, Bible-believing Christians rallied around a presidential candidate whose personal life and morals looked nothing like the values and teachings these same Christians held for themselves—and had taught Daniel during his formative years in church.

It is no secret that one of the defining stories from the 2016 election season was the unabashed support former President Trump found among the white Evangelical Christian community, with some 81% of self-identified Evangelicals expressing their support for Trump, despite serious questions about his character and morals.

Seeing Christians he looked up to and admired fall in line to support a candidate Deitrich believed so strongly went against everything they believed---and had taught him to believe—Deitrich found himself quite discouraged and disillusioned. As a musician and singer, Deitrich found a way to channel his feelings into a song called “Hymn for the 81%.” It’s a song of lament and a rebuke, but one a song which he hopes people hear as coming from a deep well of love.

Described by Shane Claiborne as “A cocktail of prophetic fire and Christ-like grace, Daniel Deitrich’s hymn is both a love song to the church and a call to repentance, which castigates the Trump administration for ‘putting kids in cages, ripping mothers from their babies,’ but blames the church for failing to rein them in.”

In our podcast interview, Daniel walks through the song, sharing his thoughts and feelings behind the words of the songs. He talks about his early experiences in which growing up and why he does not simply want to leave the Church, but rather invite those he believes to be wayward to “come home.”

Daniel Deitrich is a singer/songwriter based in South Bend, Indiana. His honest, heartbreaking, yet hopeful writing finds a home in massive Americana anthems, catchy Indie rock hooks, as well as intimate acoustic confessionals. Learn more about Deitrich and his music by visiting his website.

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