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Which Podcast Format is Right for You?

1. Interview Format

The host or hosts interview guests relevant to the overall theme of the podcast.

  • Pros

    • Guests do most of the talking.

    • Guests bring their own following to the show.

  • Cons

    • Doing good interviews harder than most people think.

    • Booking guests can be difficult.

2. Solo Monologue/Commentary Format

The host spends the entire episode talking about a topic or theme.

  • Pros

    • Simpler editing – just one voice!

    • Clearer to market and advertise – listeners identify with the host.

  • Cons

    • It's hard to talk about something for 15 minutes or more and keep people engaged.

    • Continually creating fresh and new content can be a struggle.

3. Co-host/Conversational Format

Two (or more) hosts spend an episode discussing various topics or themes.

  • Pros

    • Less burden on one person for content creation.

    • Listeners feel like their part of the conversation.

  • Cons

    • Co-hosts need to be on the same page.

    • Co-hosts need to be able to align their schedule and availability.

4. Panel Format

Like the interview format, but with multiple guests.

  • Pros

    • Multiple guests attract a wider audience.

    • Show can establish itself as an industry leader/influencer.

  • Cons

    • You think booking just one guest is hard? Try three or four at a time!

    • A LOT of post-production and editing work.

5. Storytelling Format

This podcast tells a story, real or fictional.

  • Pros

    • People love a good story!

    • Addition of clips and audio effects can enhance the appeal.

  • Cons

    • A LOT of post-production and editing work.

    • A LOT of work to discover and tell original stories.

6. Repurposed Format

This repurposes material from elsewhere into a podcast, such a live radio show or church message into a podcast.

  • Pros

    • Content already exists.

    • Generally simpler to edit and produce.

  • Cons

    • Same content available elsewhere.

    • May not be as desirable via podcast format.

Not sure which format is right for you? – Resonate Media is here to help!

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